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The National Latin Exam Colloquia

Suggested Topics | Guidelines | How to Arrange a Workshop | 2000-2001

The Colloquia is taking a two year hiatus to assess the program.

2002-2003 NLE Colloquia Workshops

Location Event NLE Colloquia Speakers
Colorado Colloquia Wallace Ragan and Tamara Bauer led program
Virginia Classical Association of Virginia (CAV) Sally David,Jane Hall, Judy Wright and Mark Keith
Washington D.C. American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Marty Abbot, Sally David, Christine Sleeper
Lexington, KY Classical Association of the Midwest and South (CAMWS) Sally David, Christine Sleeper, Jane Hall
Birmingham, AL CAMWS Souther Section Mark Keith
  American Philological Association (APA) Sally Davis and Christine Sleeper
Buffalo, NY American Classical League  
San Antonio, Tx National Junior Classical League Tamara Bauer, Jane Hall, Doris Kays

The NLE is interested in offering a Colloquium in your area! If your local Classical Association or group of Latin teachers would like to include a presentation by members of the NLE Committee on any number of aspects pertaining to use of the National Latin Exam, FORUM ROMANUM video series, Latin pedagogy, etc., please contact Wallace Ragan, NLE Colloquia Coordinator at (202) 537 6591 or by email at

For ten years now, the Working Committee of the NLE has sponsored colloquia as part of its outreach to the community of Latin teachers in the United States. These workshops are intended both to enhance the usefulness of the National Latin Exam in the Latin curriculum and to provide a forum for discussing trends in Latin instruction as well as the concerns of colleagues. Over fifteen states and Canada have been visited by teams, usually of two members of the NLE Committee; hundreds of Latin teachers and administrators have attended over twenty-five colloquia.

Topics available for discussion are manifold and flexible. The core of a colloquium is, of course, a survey and presentation of the NLE in theory as well as preparation for and use of the NLE in a Latin curriculum. Depending on local need and interests, such topics as other national tests (Advanced Placement, SAT 11), National Standards for Classical Language Learning, current trends in Latin teaching, or more specific topics within the curriculum are possible. There are always many hand-outs, and the NLE presenters report lively discussions and much mutual learning at these colloquia.

Our only requirements are that the group include at least twenty teachers of Latin or obviously interested persons, that you provide transportation for presenters from their hotel to the meeting, and that you provide a collegial lunch. NLE will cover the cost of transportation and lodging for the presenters, materials for participants, and make every effort to tailor a presentation to local need and interests. The NLE Committee sees colloquia as a service to our community, seeking through them closer contact with colleagues and the opportunity for interaction and feedback on how better to meet teacher goals with the National Latin Exam.

The National Latin Exam Committee considers it very important to reach out across the nation to get feedback from teachers and students. Members of the NLE committee offer workshops on a number of NLE topics. They have traveled all over the United States to train teachers and students. Arrange today for a member to address a topic of your choice!


  • The National Latin Exam (included in all workshops) techniques, strategies, statistics, how to prepare for, history, how the exam is prepared, update on syllabus, awards, scholarships, etc.
  • Exciting new games and techniques for the classroom
  • Exchange of materials and ideas
  • Oral Latin: strategies and practice on how to begin. Audience participation
  • Update on Latin in America: what is happening with relevance to textbooks, enrollment, etc.
  • National Foreign Language Standards
  • Advanced Placement curricula and strategies
  • Television Show Forum Romanum

How to Arrange a Colloquia

An NLE colloquim/workshop may be arranged by a local group of Latin teachers who can promise at least twenty participants. The NLE will cover transportation and lodging costs for its presenters. A colloquium is flexible in its offerings and can be tailored to local interest and need. Such topics as the role of the National Latin Exam in the curriculum, methods of preparation for the exam, the FORUM ROMANUM Latin video program, and using oral Latin are items of frequent interest.

Contact Wallace Ragan, St. Albans School, Washington D.C. 20016, (202) 537-6591.


  • Flyer: Send flyer to organizer at least two months prior to meeting.
  • Enrollment: Workshop should consist of at least 20 teachers/interested persons and include lunch for those participating.
  • Length: three hour block to two and one-half hour block in the morning and I and 1/2 to 2 hour block in the afternoon. The program can be tailored to fit the needs of a particular area or group of teachers.
  • Lunch: can be box lunch. Workshop attendees should be assessed fee for lunch to defray overhead expenses of organizer and insure commitment to attend.
  • Committment: Committment to attend is important. The NLE Committee is giving up time and paying for travel and hotel, and so wishes to involve as many people as possible.