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National Latin Exam

Important Announcement from the NLE Committee: Latin Teachers can administer exam
Salvete, omnes! The National Latin Exam Committee is pleased to announce that, beginning
with the 2019 exams, Latin teachers will be allowed to be the primary and even sole
administrator and supervisor when their students are taking the exam. We still encourage
teachers to enlist the aid of other teachers and school personnel as proctors and assistants,
particularly if you have a large number of students participating. Latin teachers will still be
required to designate a principal, headmaster, or other school official who will receive the exam
and keep it locked up until the time of the test. We are making this change after very many
requests from teachers and administrators and much deliberation and discussion from members
of the NLE Committee. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact
the NLE Office at 1-888-378-7721 or

Apply for the NLE Advisory and Outreach Committee
The National Latin Exam is eager to recruit enthusiastic Latin teachers to the Advisory and Outreach Committee of the NLE. Just click and enter your contact info, subjects you currently teach, your educational background, your teaching experience, and the number of years you have participated in the NLE. Also, state the reasons you would like to serve on this committee.

Applicants must be ACL members, be willing to promote the NLE at local and regional classics conferences, and try to reach out to schools in your region which may not be familiar with the NLE. Wouldn't YOU like to join the NLE family?. NLE Advisory & Outreach Application

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The NLE Newsletter
The NLE publishes a newsletter twice a year. View the latest edition of the NLE Newsletter here.

The National Latin Exam Newsletter is planning a feature story about the former scholarship winners who have completed their undergraduate studies. NLE and the international Latin community are interested in you and would love follow-up information about your lives and careers. Please send us a brief account about where you are and what you are doing to this address. We are eager to hear from you!

NLE Online Practice App

The initial release of the National Latin Exam Practice App is a free web-based application that allows students to prepare for the National Latin Exam and test their classical knowledge year-round, on demand, in an environment they can individually customize based on their level and time availability.
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